Oh, Undead Woman

Deze songtekst is een parodie op het bekende Oh, Pretty Woman van Roy Orbison. Luister het nummer en lees de tekst mee.


Undead woman, shuffling down the street
Undead woman, the kind that likes my meat
Undead woman
Oh god, I see you; you’re turning blue
No one could look as dead as you

Undead woman, won’t you pardon me
Undead woman, I couldn’t help but see
Undead woman
You look ugly as can be
Are you going to eat me?
< zombie moan >

Undead woman, stay away
Undead woman, turn away
Undead woman, don’t you smile at me

Undead woman, no, no, no
Undead woman, look away
Undead woman, please stay away from me
‘Cause you scare me, I try to hide
I don’t want to… to die tonight

Undead woman, please walk on by
Undead woman, don’t make me cry
Undead woman, please walk away, hey, okay?

If I don’t leave soon, it’s too late
She’s almost gone now, but wait
What do I see?
Is she stumbling back to me?
Fuck, she’s coming back for me
Oh, no, undead woman

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